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Dogs can respect you as the leader or a subordinate pack member. Working dog's are considered to be some of the most intelligent dogs in the K9 world. It's up to you to establish a leadership position so a positive relationship bond can last a lifetime. We expect training results from our clients and their dogs obedience. From the selection process through our continuing education of wellness , minimal vaccination for complete immunity and raw fed nutrition with exercise that's supportive of healthy vibrant puppies and dogs. Although we can't live in a perfect world the extra steps are in place to insure the dogs we work with have the very best care. The day your puppy arrives begins a lifelong commitment and partnership. There is never a one size fits all dog for every situation. It's important to identify the dog's new home environment and the owners lifestyle to see if it's a suitable match for the dog. We continuously strive to improve wellness, behavior, strength, structure and temperament. Bringing a dog into your home is a 10-15 year commitment. They are not TV's that come with remotes you can dispose of. They aren't children or fur babies. They are dogs and should be respected, trained and treated as such.

Civil Guard K9  supports you and your new K9 member ​    German Shepherd training for puppies

Our leadership training  will guide you through the right selection of dog or puppy to insure a good match for  the intended purpose.  

Why is leadership important in the raising and training of a dog? Thats a simple answer because dogs haven't changed their learning skills for 1000's of years. Humans have evolved with technology but many have lost the common practice of teaching real dog obedience. Dogs still maintain their opportunistic predatory instincts even though humans feel they have domesticated them. If training is done well dogs can thrive in multi function environments like family home protection, industrial security, public venues, law enforcement, military, search and rescue or just spending time with you at home or going to your favorite outdoor activity.  Regardless of what a dog is trained for we want your dog with you, well behaved and keeping your family safe. The success of your dogs training falls solely upon you and your understanding of how to train, care for and communicate in a dogs world.  

Choosing a dog's exterior color or cuteness is a beginners mistake.

The quality of your dog comes from within.

Your dogs good or bad behaviors are all about you.

"We must learn from the truths of the dog"​


"We must learn from the truths of the dog"

              ​​"Founded to protect and preserve the Traditional Working German Shepherd."

I believe in the traditional German Shepherd working dog breed to be raised, trained and worked as they were originally intended.  The goal is a dog balanced in clear mind, complete health, and sound structure body composition for the German Shepherd Dogs ability to perform tasks at the highest levels.  

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