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In a German Shepherd's eyes you can be the true leader or a subordinate pack member. German Shepherd dog's are

considered to be one of the most intelligent dogs in the K9 world. It's up to you to establish leadership position so a positive relationship bond can last a lifetime. We set high standards for the well being of our dogs. From the selection process through our continuing education in wellness , minimal vaccination for complete immunity and raw fed nutrition with exercise that is supportive of healthy vibrant puppies and dogs.
Although we can't live in a perfect world we take the extra steps to insure our German Shepherds have the very best care. 
The day your puppy arrives begins a lifelong commitment and partnership. There is never a one size fits all dog for every situation. It's important we identify the dog's living environment to insure a suitable match for the future guardian client. We continuously strive to improve wellness, strength, structure, temperament and the ability  of the German Shepherd dog to perform and work traditionally as it was intended to be.

German Shepherd dog training for puppies 

Civil Guard K9  supports you and your new K9 German Shepherd

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Our leadership program will guide you through the right selection of German Shepherd dog or puppy to insure a good match for whatever the purpose.  

Why is leadership so important in the raising and training of a Civil Guard K9 German Shepherd? They simply are a wonderful companion that requires it. With proper guidance and correct training of you the guardian, our dogs achieve success in multi function environments from family protection, home, industrial security, public venue security to law enforcement, search and rescue or just spending time at home.  Regardless of what your dog is trained for we want your dog always with you keeping your family safe.  We'll always advise the best options for your intended working or living environment.  

Choosing a dog's exterior color or cuteness is a beginners mistake. The quality of your German Shepherd comes from within. 

           ​​​"Founded solely to protect and preserve the Traditional German Shepherd."

We believe in the traditional fundamentals of the German Shepherd Dog to be bred, raised, trained and worked as they were originally intended.  Our philosophy is of the whole dog balanced in clear mind, complete wellness of health and sound structure of body composition for the German Shepherd Dog's ability to perform tasks at the highest possible level.  There is no reason to compromise. 

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