​Most kibble contains synthetic vitamins minerals and a low percentage of protein

 Tucker Ill never forget you. Forever you will  always live through me.

Civil Guard K9 Armina is raw fed

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​Without a healthy species appropriate diet stomach biome and immunity suffer​ !

​Wellness: four steps to success


The liquid of life support

Dogs can live only about three days without water. If you keep this in mind then you must ask the question does the quality of water they drink matter? Yes it certainly does and that also applies to us. Water quality and contamination by pollutants is a bigger concern now than it was 20 years ago. The municipal drinking water systems are dealing with so many contaminants that the additional treatment of the water has become marginal. Why do you buy water from a store when it comes from your faucet? To insure your dog gets the purest water he deserves we at Civil Guard K9 recommend you provide ​pure filtered mineralized conditioned drinking water for them and even yourself. The reverse osmosis system we use has additional features standard systems don't have that allow for replenishing minerals and aeration conditioning of the water after the impurities have been removed.

Processed unknown by-products and non food fillers

This can lead to a path of predisposed health conditions 

​100 % healthy digestible nutrition



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 Raw Wellness Nutrition:

  The living truth about your dogs health


The ins and outs of immunization

  Here i would like to discuss the topic of vaccination only to create awareness. This is not intended as medical advise and Civil Guard K9 recommends consulting a reputable pro-active wellness or holistic practicing DVM for specific care any dog may require. I will provide some links here as resourceful information so you can become more informed. Why do we depend on the advise of another person without doing our own research?  In todays society we almost have to distrust before we can trust information that is marketed to dogs and us. I remember a time if your dog wasn't well you went to the vet. They would figure out what illness was ailing and prescribe an appropriate treatment. Now drug companies and the media create paranoia campaigns of the next outbreak and have people convinced they or their dog are the next victim. What is really going on here? My common sense says profit versus wellness. In veterinary schools across the country drug companies promote their vaccines and drugs knowing that their market share is codependent on the sales made through the Veterinary Clinics. In a days work of a Veterinarian most of the animal patients incoming are sick and receiving some type of synthetic drug or vaccine to try and fix the symptom. It's been this way of recent years but times are changing because people have begun to see the connection between poor nutrition from processed dog food, over vaccination, compromised immune functions, obesity, diabetes, allergies, terminal disease and the very high cost of veterinary care. Fortunately there are some very good traditional veterinarians that have advanced their education in holistic or pro-active  wellness. These specialist work towards healing and wellness of the dog using proactive care methods to determine the underlying condition to heal the organs for achieving overall wellness. The body of mind, organ and tissue was never intended to be overloaded with toxins and synthetic compounds. Today we live in such a place so it is wise to eliminate what isn't necessary and feed ourselves and dogs the most nutritious food we can. In closing I will say that any German Shepherd here at Civil Guard K9 receives only what is minimally necessary for disease prevention to achieve strong vibrant health. We titer our dogs for proof of disease immunity so medications and vaccinations are minimal.  We continually expand our knowledge about wellness for dogs and puppy litters. Our dogs are fed what is natural and healthy for them, any vaccination or medication if necessary is given careful consideration through the advise of a trusted pro-active wellness or holistic practicing veterinarian. Click the button for additional pro-active wellness or holistic health resources  to better understand what minimal vaccination and maximum immunity means to you and your dog. 


For Dogs to thrive and live healthy we must look at raw nutrition

Puppies thrive from raw feeding

​Fresh ​​​meat promotes cell and muscle growth

Compromised ​Immunity = over vaccinated, allergies, tumors, cancer, kidney liver disease, much sadness


The body must move to support wellness

 Our dogs are always kept active and exercised on a regular schedule. Its suggested to vary the types of exercise and don't over extend the sessions. Weekly we train for obedience and protection work. The protection work seems to get the tails wagging the most. Many dogs are now living the sedentary lifestyles of their owners and I believe its a precursor to illness. The working German Shepherds at Civil Guard K9 always have a job to do. There isn't lots of time for couch potatoes. To supports a healthy dog you must  "Feed the gut, train the brain, exercise the body"  Please get out and spend some time with your best friend it will do wonders for the relationship between you and your German Shepherd.

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Fresh from the earth, wellness to the dog

 The commercial pet food industry is a 28.23 billion dollar industry that does its very best at influencing your buying decisions and where you will spend your hard earned money. If you are paying attention you have heard about the recalls, deaths and illness to dogs from feeding commercially​ processed dog food. Not to mention the veterinary costs incurred by allergies and inflamed immune systems. Don't worry dog food companies are here to save you because  according to them if you feed your dog a raw fresh meat diet you or your dog could get sick with salmonella. ​Well sorry to break the news but a healthy dog gut is designed to eat​ meat that is fresh off the shelf. With a PH of about 2 their digestive system can turn a soft chicken bone uncooked into mush. Wolves and dogs are carnivores and some want us to think our dogs have evolved into omnivores because man decided to make a waste product into something dogs would eat. Most commercial kibble is from unknown supply sources and food waste unfit for human consumption. The fancy catch phrases ​and pictures that pull on your heart strings has stock holders clinging to each bag of kibble.


 Now for the fresher side of food. Is your common sense meter starting to ring? We know that fresh uncooked non gmo no pesticides organic vegetables can provide lots of valuable nutrition. Once cooked it looses some of its vitamins and minerals. Imagine kibble dog food that is cooked at high temps then substituted with synthetic vitamins and minerals. Why do we feed our German Shepherds RAW? It gives complete healthy nutritious food for the body to regenerate cells, strengthen immune systems, prevent disease, build muscle tissue and keep dogs and puppies in peak condition. The cost of raw feeding can be less ​than feeding a commercial dog food. Once you figure out an alternating meal plan balanced with meat proteins, organs, vegetables and add ins it just makes sense. The photo above is a great example of a meal we prepare for any dog that Civil Guard K9 owns. There are many good raw feeding resources available for you to learn from​ of how to naturally feed your dog. Please see our resources page for information.


​​​​​​Our Story:

 In June of 1960 the first German Shepherd was introduced into our home. His name was King and although at that time I was only 6 months old I was strongly influenced by him. Sadly he only lived a very short time due to illness. Over the years came many good German Shepherds. If every dog lived consecutively 10 years I would be well into my hundred's today. This has not been the case because some died do to injury but the most of them lived shorter lives due to sickness. Now fast forward to one special dog named Tucker. I rescued him from a shelter through intervention. He was a handsome German Shepherd who brought 18 days of complete change to my life. Many a tear's been shed over the passing of my dogs through the years but on Tuckers last 18th day my heart was broken and I began to question everything I knew about dogs. You see Tucker changed everything I thought I knew about caring, feeding and healing my dogs. He was an unfortunate boy dumped into the streets and left to survive alone. He received a death sentence of compromised immunity, poor nutrition, over vaccination and a fatal case of infectious distemper. For him I will forever be changed and eternally grateful. My life's passion and mission is to give back and provide you real experiences with honest resourced information that supports the best possible training, health and wellness for your dogs. 

Sincerely , Scott Nadeau & Tucker