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Civil Personal Protection Dogs:       Is there a difference from sport and police K9's? Yes

‚ÄčThis is a highly debated topic in the dog world so without confusing details here is what we expect from our trained family protection dogs. First and foremost a dog must be raised with lots of environmental exposures and second show no signs of uncontrolled aggression towards people. Starting basic training with a puppy at 8 weeks is a very good idea. Some mature dogs have been successfully trained in personal protection. Civl Guard K9's Armina is one of those dogs. You must feel 100% confident that your dog is safe around you, you're family and others unless it is purposely engaged to protect you, your family or property. A key difference of these dogs is their ability to handle varying types of stress without over reacting. We want clear minded dogs that are able to defend real assaults without signs of weakness. The key word is real, Think of protection work for the dog like a light switch you turn on or off as needed. Our dogs must learn to remove the threat, protect you and fight for real. In a life threatening situation no one choreographs violence. It happens in a second when you aren't expecting it. Your dog must respond without fault and protect you from harm. As soon as the subject no longer presents a threat to your safety the dog needs to turn off and be a friendly companion.  Now you can see why a family protection dog needs to be well balanced a lover first and fighter second only if it is absolutely necessary. If you have a purpose for such a great dog feel free to call us and we can discuss the dog that fits your lifestyle security needs.