​ARAM breeding stud Czech Republic Jinopo bloodline

​Real working dogs healthy , strong, smart just the way nature intended . All of our dogs from breeding parents to puppies and  juveniles are fed  raw naturally balanced food .  Health, good genetics, physical development all starts in the womb. A pregnant female must have the best in nutrition to provide strong immunity and superior wellness if her pups are to thrive. Our pledge to you is that any Civil Guard K9 German Shepherd  you receive will  be the most vibrant and healthy dog you will ever own. With us its quality and never quantity. Please understand we only take secured reservations for our German Shepherds. We hope you are lucky enough to become a lifetime guardian of one or more of our dogs.

Czech imports born in the USA

ARMINA  obedience PPD  Czech Republic USA

ELISKA breeding female  CZECH Republic Jinopo bloodline

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