"I've chosen this path in which I will travel to give one of natures most elegant creatures my complete devotion"

​You see the experiences in my life were forever changing. I think its human nature to explore the many things life has to offer. It helps form who we become as a person. The farther down the road I traveled the more I would reflect. Looking back I realized my compassion in life is the relationships I've had with all my dogs. As I changed course for new adventures they never left my side. You begin to see the real truth of lasting meaning the longer the road you travel. Our company has always believed in our personal mission statement and company mission statement. As a child I was blessed with a gift seen through the eyes of nature and shown to me through the dog. I spent most of my time outdoors exploring and understanding the natural balance of nature. As a dog trainer these early lessons shaped me into becoming a well balanced teacher for you and your dog. We hope you believe in our vision and mission statement too.

Our Mission:   ​So what about us and is Civil Guard  K9 right for you?

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"Dogs and training are my true passion. That's why I'm here. I've gone through a few life phases and job types and every step I took was filled by the presence of a German Shepherd. I've hit the highs and lows and by my side has been a German Shepherd. My father would have my dog sleep outdoors but not without a dog house and warm bed of straw. I would go in there and sleep with my German Shepherd. As a teenager I tried to train him but little did I know my methods were taught by my German Shepherd. Passion is a gift and to fulfill your dreams one must realize that opportunity may come only once in a lifetime." 

Our Mission Statement:   We are here to ensure the traditional German Shepherd working dog lineage continues to improve and be of sound mind, health and body. Through knowledgeable training, nutrition and wellness education our dogs represent the true meaning as this breed was intended. My passion is to care, raise, train and provide highly intelligent healthy dogs that can live with purpose in all environments and work to protect us from harm through social and civil duty. We will breed dogs of sound lineage while maintaining integrity in our business and facility. We hope that you appreciate our standards and can become an accepted guardian of one of our dogs. 

Respectfully,  Scott Nadeau  Civil Guard K9