Our Mission Statement:   I've spent five decades living with and working the German Shepherd dog. Although several of life's paths varied my real passion is dogs, that has never changed. Many dogs today are getting a bad deal from lack of ownership knowledge and misguided human emotional beliefs. Born in 1960 I grew up when dogs were treated as dogs. Today I see a dangerous trend shifting to humanizing dogs that is creating fearful confused K9 behaviors leading to dangerous and destructive acts. Dogs are getting blamed for their natural predatory instincts and the owners are causing these imbalances for the dog. With knowledgeable training, nutrition, wellness care and human education dogs can still represent the true meaning of Man's best friend as it was originally intended. First we must go back to the basics of dog ownership. I can help you raise, train, care for and provide safe intelligent, healthy dogs that live with purpose while providing real dog companionship. Every dog properly trained is a dog saved not rescued.  

Respectfully,  Scott Nadeau  Civil Guard K9


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Our Mission:   ​So what about us and is Civil Guard  K9 right for you?

​You see my life experiences were forever changing. I think it's human nature to explore so much life has to offer. It helps form who we become as a person. The further down that road I traveled the more I could reflect. You begin to see the real truth of lasting meaning the longer the road you travel. I believe in our personal and company mission statement. As a child I was blessed with a gift experienced through the harshness and survival of nature and shown to me by the life of a dog. I spent most of my time outdoors exploring and understanding the natural balance of nature. As a dog trainer today these early lessons shaped me as a teacher for you and your dog. We hope you believe too.

"I've chosen this path which I will travel to give one of natures most elegant creatures my complete devotion"

"Dogs and training is my life passion. That's why I'm here. I've lived through six decades of change but dogs have been there since day one. All have been German Shepherds. My life has had its ups and downs but a dog was always at my side. My father would have my dog sleep outdoors but not without a dog house and warm bed of straw. I would go in there and sleep with my German Shepherd. Passion is a gift and to fulfill your dreams one must realize that opportunity may come only once in a lifetime." This time I've grabbed the leash from a new perspective.