Two week board and trainThis training is an exceptional base for you and your dog to learn the basics of dog obedience. During the two week's of training your dog will go through calming and relationship building exercises. I will teach the fundamental behaviors that will shape all the basic commands of basic obedience. You and your dog will participate in learning about leash control, when to focus and how to follow the actions and commands of the trainer. The dog will live in a live active household environment that maintains a routine and schedule. Remember dogs are pattern junkies and they like to follow not lead. You will need to replicate these basic commands after you both are back in your home. During the stay your dogs care will be of top priority where there will be lots of time for learning structure, experiencing environmental exposures and if well behaved play with my personal dogs in a structured play time. You will be required to attend four 1 hour handlers sessions during the two weeks of hands on training. These are included in your training package . What will you and your dog be expected to learn? The basics of dog obedience down, stay, come, sit, heel, wait at thresholds, leash direction and body language. Also how to use spatial pressure with your dog. Overall how to be a good handler and a good dog.


Dogs for two, three and four weeks training programs must be 4 months of age 100% housebroken and able to lay calmly in a kennel for several hours.

There is a 2-3 day pre training boarding requirement for relationship bonding with the trainer for the two week board and train.

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​​​If you were allowed only one command for your dog what would you choose?

Training :  You must learn to lead for the dog to follow 

Private lessons:  These are lessons trained in your home lasting 1 hour. A majority of this time is spent teaching you the correct methods and techniques that I use for reshaping a dog's behaviors. As you learn them we teach your dog the new meaning of you as leader of your home. The goal is to create calm balance and an understanding for your dog to begin to relax and learn. I wish I could promise every client it would take an exact number of sessions to complete this type of training . Because all dogs have variations of temperament and behavior including people too it isn't realistic to make such promises. I will recommend a certain number of sessions for you that will show you the results of changing your dogs behaviors. There is never any success without making a reasonable commitment so if you only are interested in a few sessions we're probably not the right match for each other. For those of you that want results and are willing to do the work I will ask for a 10 session commitment. That is a reasonable amount of time for us to get to know and work with each other so you can see some results training your dog.

 Private lessons pricing is listed on the pre consultation form on the contact page.

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Four week board and train​Some dogs need this! A program for finely finished obedience or if you are having serious behavior problems with your dog this might be the answer to your problems. Reconditioning a dog's longer term behaviors takes specialized skills and modifications. This takes time and real effort to reprogram the conditions your dog's experiences have created. Not all dogs are equal and some have serious problems in their daily activities. Almost everyone of these dogs have either been over affectioned, re-homed, rejected, abused or neglected.

Small inappropriate behaviors as puppies were never addressed and possibly accidental or intentionally rewarded. Now the imprints are more affirmed in the dogs mind and certain triggers set them off. This can be a very troubling place for your dog and your home life. It doesn't have to be that way so if you're up to the challenge and willing to put in some real hard work lets help your dog learn to find calm and be a good dog. Upon successful completion of this training you will receive a Free custom leather leash with leather collar and a mini Educator E Collar. These items are a $250.00 value. Continued follow up private lessons may be required.

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Three week board and train: Everything mentioned above applies here and much more. This is the next level of obedience where your dog understands that structure is a way of life and the handler is in leadership control of the dog. We work on advanced obedience methods for long position commands over time and off leash recalls. This is where your dog begins its understanding of commands at a distance and bonding with you the owner. Some minor behavioral issues are corrected during this three week training so the dog thinks calmly and clearly without fault. You will be required to attend six 1 hour sessions during the three weeks of hands on training. This is where you and your dog become a team and begin learning to work as one unit. Handling skills will improve along with corrections, timing of commands and rewards. Body posture plays an important part here so expect to stand tall. At the end of the course you will need 3 weeks of in-home orientation lessons. Those lessons are additional to this training. You will receive a custom leather leash and leather collar after successfully completing this course.

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"​Dog's don't fail people fail dog's "

"​Our ability to teach must be simple yet precise. We must understand the language of the dog. Only then can we show them how to learn"

​We first start by teaching, learning, ​conditioning for basic obedience

Let's talk about the basics of good behavior and where this comes from. If we were to train every puppy the basics of engagement focus and obedience from the very beginning there would be very few dogs in shelters. When you bring a new ​puppy, German Shepherd or dog into your care the responsibility of guardianship is 100% yours for the LIFE of the animal. We at Civil Guard K9 train our dogs to be good social companions as well as very civil home and family protectors. Would you ever consider commanding a working personal protection dog to engage a threat without them first having you as a leader and teacher of basic obedience? Dogs with bad behavior have not been taught basic obedience or have intentionally been made aggressive. Puppies come out of the womb a clean slate with varying temperaments and personalities. What they learn from then on is our responsibility. Telling a dog to do as you say without any understanding isn't fair to the dog. We begin by teaching, learning, conditioning for basic obedience. Each dog must be shown what you want them to do and then taught consistently to develop a pattern or what's called an imprint. If you're having an anxiety attack training your dog he will have one along with you. We start teaching being careful not to imprint any bad behaviors but recognize the timing of rewarding good behaviors. I posted this picture so you can think about what's happening here. There is so much backlash about balanced training using  prong training collars in our modern society. Those trainers that understand and use these tools appropriately will successfully train dogs. This young dogs standard collar is obviously shutting down air passage and causing him to pull like a freight train. If given the chance he will pull you down the street. Many dog owners experience this and the first thing they do is pull back to correct and the dog pulls harder. Then they run into the neighborhood pet store buy a harness to give their dog some feel good comfort only to realize they are pulled even harder down the street. My point is special training tools used by experienced dog trainers due no harm and help our dogs work and live safely in a social environment. I hope you choose to work with us but if you live outside the area we're happy to connect you with an experienced balanced trainer that shares our principles and uses similar techniques. We offer in home training services as well as boarding and training packages for our clients and their dogs.

For training visit our contact page. If you need out of state training let us refer someone for you.

Recall: Is the most important dog command any person can teach their dog. Certainly heel, sit, stand, down, stay, out, no and all the others have their ranks of importance. We want a dog that will focus while listening to us that can behave well in many social environments. The ability of recalling a dog to come back when you say so can save it's life. If you would like to learn more about training or have a specific problem you need solving we're here to help. We have the experience resources and ability to help you become successful training your dog. Remember the very best time to start training is day ONE when the puppy comes into the new home. Focus engagement and basic leash obedience is the foundation for future advanced training and good behavior. Those that wait may experience imprinted bad behavior's as the dog figures things out for itself. This means you are only a lower level member of pack orientation. We would like to here from you with your questions or concerns. We teach puppy engagement, basic obedience, advanced obedience, behavior modification, personal protection and three languages for training , English, German, Czech. Reach us through the contact page or social media links. You can find us on Facebook. You may also just pick up the phone and give us a call. 

​What could possibly go wrong?  

People get injured from these behaviors.

The dog learns to establish his own leadership over you.

A bark turns into aggression because you pulled back on the leash.

​The dog feels your apprehension and nervousness.

What could have been a good social encounter with proper handling is now an agitation towards what the dog focuses on.

"​All good dogs must understand the basic rules before they can live in harmony with us"

​We've all been there before maybe you are experiencing some dog behavior problems right now. If so I hope thats why you are here. These behaviors are just a few of many problems we encounter with training. Dogs running out through doors, barking all night. The biter, licker, jumper, chewer, counter surfer. The aggressor, car possessor, cat, rabbit, dog, bicycle, lizard and anything that moves chaser and the leash tugger who drags you down the street. The furniture shredder and garbage man avenger. And finally the worst of all is the mess in the middle of the floor I left for you.  Many of these and more are terrible imprint behaviors untrained dogs have. The worst part is dog owners allowed these habits to form. Training is key to a long lasting relationship with your dog with a life full of wonderful experiences. At Civil Guard K9 we guide you through the proper steps of becoming a proper guardian and handler while training your german shepherd or dog.

Are we the right fit for one another?

​We often hear friends say my dog is so misbehaved, I need someone to train him for me. Although these intentions are good the idea of someone training your dog to learn obedience and then handing the dog back to you with expectation that the dog will listen isn't realistic. Training your dog to be obedient and successful requires teamwork. The teamwork Im describing comes from you the owner, myself the trainer and most of all fair, clear and balanced communication with your dog. Think of us as a team that will work in thirds. I understand the postures and language of how dogs communicate with each other. I use these interactions and patterns so I can shape, imprint better behaviors. Dogs are simple creatures living in a world of very complex human beings. Dogs understand two simple principles, which are positive and negative. Positive: The intent to engage something that motivated me to an action with a reward. Negative: A condition or experience that didn't provide intended positive results. I will say to you I am a balanced trainer and this helps you understand the meaning of this. The laws of nature put these rules and experiences in place thousands of years ago so that any species could survive and thrive to protect their mere existence. As your trusted trainer it will be my job using the appropriate tools and techniques to bring your dog back into balance of its ancestral past. Modernized society has made a mess of a dogs survival habits. We domesticated them, gave them shelter with comfortable sofas and a continuous supply of treats. We have even humanized them by dressing them up in clothing. We have done everything humanly possible to make them one of us. If you have read this far your dog is having human issues so we need to work together to fix them. There are different ways to approach this. You do have a choice to make but either one requires you to make personal daily life habit changes for your dog. This also includes anyone else in your family or immediate friends who like to drop in. Sure its work to train a dog and be successful doing it. It's much more work to live with an out of control, misbehaved fearful dog that during its life with you might over react and bite someone. Understanding what's causing the behavior, how to fix it and reinforce a better outcome is my job. Teaching you leash control, body posture, communication, leadership reinforcement, command timing is also my job. Your job is to learn what I teach you, practice the lessons as you are taught and stay consistent with your dog so once your dog is back at home they understand you and willingly follow your leadership. My services offer individual in home private training lessons or two, three and four week's of board and training. Read the descriptions of each package and find the one you might think is right for you and your best friend. Then go to my contact page, fill out the pre consultation form. When I receive the information you will be contacted within 24 hours.